Growers Area

The Growers Area is a special members only area that has all the necessary information for running a successful garlic farm and business.

In the Growers Area, you’ll find information about the tools needed to start up, to land preparation, planting, how to care for garlic plants, harvesting, the curing process, cleaning, packaging, where and how to sell it, unique product ideas, and more – you’ll find it here! There will be videos, eBooks, a question and answer section, and access to assistance from us through email or phone.

This area will be available ONLY for our customers that purchase a Garlic Farm Startup Kit. If you are interested (or even just thinking about) starting your  own garlic farm… put your name on the waiting list to keep your place in line. There is no obligation to buy if you change your mind. Everyone on the list will be contacted when we get close to making our garlic seed available for purchase and than you can decide which kit to purchase. However, keep in mind that number of available Garlic Farm Startup Kits depends on the size of the orders from the first few people in line – so don’t wait!